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Northwestern is a 40 year old, United States based, Christ centered educational ministry. “Northwestern established over a thousand branches worldwide since 1980”

This is your opportunity to open your Northwestern Christian University branch for FREE! Opening your FREE NCU Branch at your church will result in increased attendance, educational discipleship of your surrounding community and a substantial income stream.

There is NO cost for you to open your own Northwestern Christian University branch. You will then earn $490 per enrollment. 



                         Northwestern Christian University Branch Opportunity

northwestern university detroit

 Our Ministry offered its first Christian educational program as a college level discipleship program in 1980 in Detroit, Michigan USA. (Shown Above) Over the next 38-years we were blessed to establish NCU branches in approximately 40 countries.

Northwestern Christian University USA

Concerning Your FREE NCU University Branch Opportunity…


Any Protestant church can open an NCU University branch. Our curriculum of using just a PLA, Prior Learning Assessment with ONE book reading assignment focused on the degree major and a thesis or dissertation focused on the major, will not conflict with any Protestant church doctrine. Calvinist, Arminian, Conservative, Fundamentalist or Pentecostal. Baptist, Methodist, A.M.E., Assembles of God, Church of God etc., it does not matter, our degree programs are a fit for all protestant churches. * All books are selected by the student from our 50,000 book online library at: We do not dictate as to what books the student may choose for required study. We offer books acceptable by all Protestant denominations.

NCU branch students submit their application at Northwestern Christian University website: $490 is paid directly to NCU headquarters in Florida and the remaining $490 balance is paid directly to the NCU branch at time of graduation.

Protected by the Constitution, USA based Churches have the freedom and full rights to teach Bible centered courses in the surroundings of, and under the leadership of the Church. The Constitution directs that the Government has no authority to determine what you can and cannot teach. Some states do not allow churches to award degrees through their church based school/ branch university. But, most states do not interfere with Church based educational programs. If a state does not allow awarding of a degree, they will allow awarding of a graduation certificate in specific Bible centered majors.  *Do your due diligence (by internet search) to research government guidelines in your state, regarding your offering Bible centered degree programs as a Church.

Open Your Own NCU Branch 100% FREE of charge…. No hidden costs or fees.

Opening a Northwestern Christian University branch, is a proven way to Increase Church Membership and  Increase Church Income Each Month

Branch Income Opportunity:

Standard cost of a NCU degree program, as shown on the application page at our: website, is $1,990. NCU Branches outside of the USA, can enroll students for a total tuition of just $980.  Students pay an initial enrollment donation of $490 to NCU headquarters. Your NCU Branch can then keep 100% of the remaining $490 for your ministry. The remaining balance is paid directly to your NCU church/branch by your NCU branch student.

Theologically Accredited 100% Online Accelerated 90-Day Degree Programs are offered through; 

Established in 1980, NCU is celebrating 40 years as a United States based worldwide educational ministry. NCU Is Offering  Online Christian University Education at a 98% Savings For Students Who Cannot Afford Traditional Education

We have 39 years of experience helping Churches all over the world to increase church membership and increase church income.

Let us help you with opening your own United States based NCU branch today!

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* Accelerated Christian University Degrees approved by Northwestern Christian University In The United States .

ncu degree


The photo above shows a sample of our NCU Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree certificate with NCU University seal. Official sealed transcripts are also available.   


Students pay a Tuition / Love Offer to provide Ministry Support. ONLINE OPEN ENROLLMENT allows students to enroll during any week of the years and graduate in just 90-days, (or) during any week of the year. All degrees are shipped from NCU headquarters in Florida.

Bachelor, Master’s and Doctorate Degree Programs in 6- majors, are available for all NCU University Branch students.

Open a Northwestern Christian University Branch at your Church at NO Cost. All that is required is seating for your students who assemble one day per week to review coursework. Curriculum provided by NCU.

    Northwestern University USA is a 40 year old worldwide educational ministry. Our graduates have been ordained by major denominations and we have numerous students and graduates who have come to us from major universities.

*Increase Church Membership and  Increase Church Income Each Month

Great For Church Fund Raising and Church Growth. 


*Students earn their accelerated Bachelor, Master’s or Doctorate degrees in just months instead of years. All degrees and transcripts provided by Northwestern Christian University in the United States. Students Save Valuable Time and Money with Accelerated Learning!!  Bachelor program students receive credit for prior learning and experience through the PLA, Prior Learning Assessment Module, similar to that offered at major universities. Qualified students can earn a theologically accredited degree in just  90-days. Master’s and Doctoral degree student’s qualify for degree awards through thesis and dissertation only.


Northwestern is represented by Churches and University Branches in over 40 Countries

Philippines President Gloria Arroyo was awarded a degree in Christian Humanities in 2009 from NCU University of the United States.

ncu founder meets president gloria Macapagal

President Gloria Arroyo of the Philippines along with Governors, Mayors, Generals, Colonels, University Presidents,  and other high ranking officials have been awarded degrees approved by Northwestern University, USA. 



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*An easy to follow guide is provided for writing  a Thesis or Dissertation as well as for completing the PLA, Prior Learning Assessment portfolio.on this site as well as on the website.


Churches Can Earn a substantial income, while Providing Quality Christ Centered Education To The Community. This Will Increase Church Attendance and Provide a Valuable Income Stream. NO Cost or Investment Required To Open Your Own Northwestern Christian University Branch.

Once the student’s application has been approved by NCU in the United States,  the Church Sponsor will  be contacted by the NCU Registrar’s Office to advise the student of approval to complete enrollment and begin their degree program at your NCU branch.  

For more details, send your inquiries by  E-mail today at:  

How long does it take to complete an NCU University online degree program? 

For students with adequate prior educational experience, our NCU online degree programs can be completed in 90-days or less, We do ask that students dedicate quality time to your studies. Distance learning is a very independent way of studying and students should understand that studies at University level require a certain amount of both maturity and responsibility. Our Northwestern Christian University Bachelor, Master and Doctoral free online degree programs are research based and can be completed in just months instead of years.

All Degrees awards are approved and provided by Northwestern University, USA. 

“We hope that you will allow us to be a blessing to you, as you endeavor to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior; Jesus Christ.”

Yours In Christ,
Howard M. Sarkela  Ph. D., Th.D., D.D.
Presiding Bishop:
Christian Alliance Ministries
Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ
Northwestern Christian University
Northwestern Theological Seminary
NTS Library 

Our Presiding Bishop has been recognized by the late Oral Roberts of ORU University as well as Rev. Pat Robertson of CBN and Reagent’s University.

“Celebrating 40 Years of Christian Ministry” Since 1980

Special NCU Branch University Opportunity         

*Open Your Own NCU University Branch and Become a University President Soon.

Qualified Ministers, Pastors and Bishops will be considered for offering your own NCU University Branch through your Church.  Course assignment review can be held during ONE day of each week at your Church. A teacher is not required just a student guide who is knowledgeable in the Bible to answer questions at the weekly meeting.

Northwestern Christian University Has Worldwide Recognition 

Northwestern Christian University is an educational outreach of Christian Alliance Ministries/ Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ, a 40-year old worldwide ministry, with many educational branches and WCJC affiliate Churches, evangelistic ministries and many thousands of affiliate members in numerous countries including: the United States, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Northwestern Christian University of the United States is a Worldwide Ministry.

In November of 2009, our Presiding Bishop: Dr. Howard M. Sarkela, met with Philippine President; Gloria Arroyo in Malacañang, which resulted in awarding the President an Honorary Doctor of Christian Humanities from Northwestern Christian University. Press and television reporters covered the meeting and pictures of the meeting were published in major Philippine newspapers..  Governors, Mayors, Judges, Generals and other high ranking Military Officers have received degrees from NCU.

United States Government Recognition

Northwestern Christian University was recognized by the U.S. Government as a 501 (c) 3 non profit religious organization in 2006. 

We have 40 years of experience helping Churches all over the world to increase church membership and increase church income.

Let us help you with opening your own NCU branch today!

Recognition of Northwestern Christian University 

Our Degree programs provide a Theologically certified Degree, which is a legal degree and entitles the student who completes a Ph.D. Doctoral Degree to legally use the title Doctor in many geographical regions of the world. However, we are not a secular University and our education is not directed toward non ministry avocations. Our degrees are theologically accredited and our credits may or may not be accepted by governmental authorities or secular institutions. That is a decision to be made by specific authorities and institutions. However, President Gloria Arroyo of the Philippines did receive a degree from NCU in 2009. Numerous other famous people, Governors, Mayors, Generals, Colonels, judges, University and College Presidents and civic leaders have received awards from our educational ministries.

Our educational programs are focused on ministry related avocations and are not intended for use in earning promotions in the secular workplace environment. Those who receive a degree from our NCU University receive a legal degree under United States law. Anyone who holds our degree can always be confident in saying that they have legally qualified for their degree through a United States University. However it will still be the right of outside institutions as to whether or not they will recognize any college, university or seminary degree from the United States. This usually does not hinder those involved with ministry related avocations.

Jesus said to him, “Have you been with me so long and yet you have not come to know me Philip?” “He who has seen Me has seen the Father; how do you say, show us the Father?” (John 14:9)


Some U.S. States require Religious schools, Colleges, Seminaries or Universities to have regional or national accreditation. Northwestern holds a form of theological accreditation only and may not be approved by your State to offer degree programs. However, you can still award certificates for course completion.

*Be sure to research your State requirements before establishing an educational branch with Northwestern.  


Void where prohibited








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