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   Northwestern Christian University

“Celebrating 40-Years of Christian Educational Ministry”


All Degrees Authorized with Signatures and Official Seal at United States Headquarters, Florida, USA.


“Study to show thyself approved of God, a workman who need not be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth”.  II Timothy 2:15

“The Most Affordable Way Ever, To Receive A Quality, Christ Centered, Education”

“The great benefit of an accelerated degree program, beside the huge savings of both time and money, is that study is focused on your major only. This concentrated study allows the student to become a master in the field of their major in as little as 90-days!”  Dr. Samuel Galloza


Any Protestant church can open an NCU University branch. Our curriculum of using just a PLA, Prior Learning Assessment with ONE book reading assignment focused on the degree major and a thesis or dissertation focused on the major, will not conflict with any Protestant church doctrine. Calvinist, Arminian, Fundamentalist or Pentecostal.  Also all protestant denominations: Baptist, Methodist, A.M.E., Assembles of God, Church of God etc., it does not matter, our degree programs are a fit for all protestant churches. *Free online books are selected by the student from our 50,000 book online library at: We do not dictate as to what books the student may choose for required study. We offer books acceptable by all Protestant denominations.

Open Your Northwestern Christian University Branch at your Church in 30-days or less at NO cost. This opportunity is 100% Free! You will never be charged any cost to open your NCU Branch. However, not everyone qualifies. Our promise is that we will prayerfully consider your application to open your NCU University branch. If approved we will advise and assist you from our 38 years of worldwide educational ministry experience to insure your success in reaching your community with Christ centered education.





We will review your application and send a formal response promptly…

Thank you for submitting your application to open your own university branch at no cost. May the Lord bless you as you bring Christ centered education to your surrounding community.


NCU University Refund Policy / Disclaimer and Release of Liability 
The NCU University opportunity offers no refund policy since the program is 100% tuition free. and Love Offers are for ministry support and non refundable.
Northwestern Christian University offers Christ centered education to the world as the central function of our worldwide ministries. This is a legally-binding release made by you through your action of submitting your application form to NCU with you printed name as signature acknowledging this statement .. Our Ministries are not regulatory agencies. We do not endorse, recommend or conduct any screenings as to the competency of any of our staff or any faculty or advisors associated with NCU or any of our independent branches in the USA or Asia or Africa or central America or Africa or any other place in the world.  While every effort is made to insure that information and education, is current and accurate, no representations or warranties expressed or implied, are made by NCU. It is your responsibility to assess quality and competency of the university and it’s staff, faculty and advisors. By submitting the application and printing your name as representative of your signature, you agree to this liability statement. Furthermore, you agree that, all NCU branches operate independently at their own locations and without control of supervision of this religious corporation sole of which Northwestern Christian University is a fellowship and legal part. . Therefore, be it known that in consideration for any education or learning opportunity provided by you or your Church/ ministry/ in relation to your independent NCU Branch, that  you will assume and take on yourself / your church/ ministry all of the risks and responsibilities in any way associated with your assessment of the quality and competency of the education that you  provide as a independent branch of Northwestern Christian University. In addition, you fully release NCU and all of it’s staff, board of directors, directors, officers, employees, faculty, advisors , ministers and agents from any and all liability, claims or actions that may arise  in connection with the decision to enroll, attend, or participate in any way, with Northwestern Christian University. You recognize fully, that this release means that you are giving up among other things your rights to sue The Office of the Presiding Pastor of Christian Alliance Ministries and His Successors, a Corporation Sole (Northwestern Theological Seminary Fellowships, Northwestern Christian University and Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ Fellowships), it’s staff, board members, directors, officers, employees, faculty, advisors, ministers, agents or anyone associated with the above stated ministries, for damages, injuries or losses you may incur through any of the services or educational programs that you may receive. You also fully understand that this release binds your heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, as well as yourself and your dependents.

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