NCU Branch Overview

                           NCU University Branch Overview                                 Financial Projections

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Our Ministry offered its first Christian education program as a college level discipleship program at the “Scripps Mansion” in 1980 located on Trumbull Avenue in Detroit, Michigan USA (Shown Above) Over the next 39-years we established ministry branches in approximately 40 countries worldwide.     

Northwestern Christian University USA

“Celebrating over 40 years of educational ministry since 1980”  

Open Your Own NCU University Branch Now, 100% FREE ! Absolutely NO investment or Franchise Fee required. This is an all new special program being offered for the first time in the United States .  Over the years, we have established thousands of educational branches in approximately 40 countries worldwide. Now we are bringing the NCU Branch opportunity to our home country, the USA.  So, Beginning in 2019 we will begin to focus our efforts on establishing NCU branches in  the United States of America.     

*For information on opening a NCU worldwide branch  outside of the USA, please e-mail us at:   If seeking to open NCU within the USA make inquiry at: or just submit your free online application today.

Represent a 40 Year University and become President of your own Northwestern Christian University Branch now!

This NCU University Branch Opportunity Is Designed For Once a Week course Review Meetings to be Held in your Church’s classroom or auditorium. All coursework is done at home. Curriculum is provided by NCU and students simply review course progress at the once per week meetings.  Courses are designed so that new students can enroll each and every week of the year. No semester system limitations with our 90-day accelerated custom degree programs. 

Students earn their bachelor degrees by completing a PLA, Prior Learning Assessment, and a bachelor’s thesis. Master’s and Doctorate degrees are by thesis or dissertation only, similar to the century old European model. Students do their research and coursework at home. NCU branch students meet at the Church based NCU branch for weekly review and discussion only.


Having your own University Branch means that you will receive tremendous exposure in your community which will result in expanding your Church membership and Church income.

 Increase Church Membership and  Increase Church Income Each Month

Great For Church Fund Raising and Church Growth.

There is NO cost to open a NCU Branch at your church. You can hold classes in your auditorium and all that is required is a unpaid volunteer classroom monitor as all course work is self explanatory. No instructor is required.  A classroom monitor can be the Pastor, Asst. Pastor, Sunday school teacher or any dedicated adult member of your church who has completed any online degree program through this website. The monitor simply acts as a guide to explain the Course requirements to the students who meet once per week for guidance. Course requirements are provided on this website.

Students can complete their assignments either in writing if they do not own a computer, or by use of a laptop. The class monitor will check and grade all student assignments during the week in preparation for the once weekly review meeting at the church.

Student records should be filed and maintained based on the student’s name and student number in your own NCU filing system. Records would include name address, payment record, grades and course completions.  Degrees will be prepared and shipped from Northwestern Christian University headquarters in Florida, USA.  A formal graduation ceremony can be held twice a year as well. A graduation ceremony fee can be charged to offset your costs.

The dynamic in this non- traditional process is that new students can be enrolling during every week of the year and then meet with other students who have enrolled before and are advancing through the course requirements for their own degree programs, in the weekly review sessions. Students will be studying at different levels and in different degree programs and yet can assist each other as they converse and answer each others questions in the weekly review.

You benefit from our 40 years of experience in University operation:

*The NCU Branch Director will sit with the applicant and submit their potential student’s online application through  Northwestern headquarters will process the application and send the acceptance letter to the branch director for distribution to branch applicants. Students have 14-days to complete enrollment after acceptance. A series of follow up letters will be e-mailed to the branch director for distributed to applicants encouraging their completion of enrollment over the 14-day enrollment period.

To apply for opening your NCU branch, submit the online application form today from this website.. 

*Open Your Northwestern Christian University branch in Just 30-Days!! Qualified Ministers, Pastors and Bishops will be considered to become a Director and ultimately a President of your Northwestern Christian University Branch through your Church. Class meetings are held at your Church once per week only. meetings can be held in the Church auditorium or class room. only one room is needed, one day per week. Your NCU branch will offer Bachelor, Master’s and Doctorate degree programs authorized by NCU “Northwestern Christian University” in the United States.  *Physical NCU branches are not allowed to offer or advertise online studies. All NCU Branch programs must have a physical classroom only and hold weekly meetings for the students who can do their assignments at home. Completed assignments are submitted to the NCU branch director for grading and student record keeping.

You can offer theologically accredited, degree programs using our accelerated curriculum. This is an opportunity to educate your community as well as draw new members to your Church while also providing an income stream for your Church. 

Be on your way to easily establishing your own Northwestern Christian University branch in your community in as little as 30-Days.  There is no required investment and no other expenses. we provide the curriculum and all that is needed is one room with seating for your students and one monitor/ guide to present the course requirements and collect completed assignments for grading and reporting to NCU headquarters. Grades can be logged on a spreadsheet and sent to NCU headquarters by e-mail attachment.

The NCU Branch Opportunity has resulted in many NCU branches in 40 countries countries worldwide. * Prior to 2019 this opportunity was only allowed for countries outside of the United States. However, effective this year, we will be opening branches throughout the United States. Contact us for details on the ease of opening your own NCU University branch at your church at NO cost!

*Submit the online application today, or Contact us for details at:   


* All NCU Branch classes are offered through a physical attendance at an NCU branch/ Church classroom only and students meet just one day per week for assignment review only.  All study is done by students at home. Only physical branch education is allowed and  a NCU Church branch may not offer curriculum/ education by internet.  *Advertising or offering NCU education online through a website is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate termination of your NCU branch.

The NCU Branch Director/ Church Pastor acting as the student’s SPONSOR, will submit the NCU online application form for the student from the NCU website at: . The application will list the students degree choice and use ONLY the Sponsor’s / NCU Branch Director’s e-mail address. NCU in the United States will communicate directly with the Branch’s Director/ Sponsor only and never directly with the student. The Director/ Sponsor will forward any communications to the student. Application approval will be e-mailed to the sponsor’s e-mail address only. 

NCU Branch Program Cost Breakdown:  

Total Tuition $1,990   The Initial Enrollment Payment To NCU headquarters is $490. Remaining balance of $1,500 is payable by the student directly to the NCU Church Branch at graduation and completion of degree program. *Churches keep 100% of the $1,500 graduation fee. * At graduation the NCU branch will forward all completed and grading for all degree program assignments to NCU headquarters by PDF or Word Doc. attachment. Once the complete grading of assignments has been received at NCU/USA, a degree will be prepared and shipped to the NCU Branch for award to the graduating student.  * It is not recommended but Churches have the option of lowering the tuition from $1,990 to any amount above $490.

Income projection: By enrolling just 2-students per week your NCU branch can attain an income of over $50,000 each 12 Months. 52 weeks X 2- students equal 104- students X $490 = $51,960

At graduation, all degree awards are prepared and sent from our NCU Florida administration in the United States. All Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral degree programs are available through NCU Branch sponsorship programs. Church based NCU branches are able to offer classroom education for specific degree programs at a very reasonable cost to the student which is 98% LESS than private universities.. Your Church Pastor or Director, as head of the Northwestern Christian University branch will act as sponsor, and will submit the NCU ONLINE application for all NCU branch students who are enrolling at the NCU branch. NCU in the United States, will provide a formal acceptance e-mail. Acceptance will be e-mailed to the SPONSOR for presentation to the student. Students ONLY communicate with the NCU Branch director and student guide at the Church. Branch. Once accepted, the student begins study at the physical church branch in a  church classroom and fulfills requirements.Coursework is graded at the NCU branch and grades will be reported to NCU in the United States for final awarding of degree from the United States Northwestern Christian University headquarters.  Branches can hold formal graduation ceremonies at the church branch.

*NCU Branch Students Can Earn A Northwestern Christian University Degree approved by Northwestern Christian University In The United States in as little as 90-Days at a NCU Physical Church Branch and at a cost that is 98% LESS than private universities..

Our Ministry offered its first Christian educational program as a college level discipleship program in 1980 in Detroit, Michigan USA.

Student Tuition and NCU Income Projections:

*Your branch has the option of setting tuition to match the USA based online program of  $1,990. Students pay an initial enrollment fee of $490 to NCU headquarters. The remaining $1,500 is paid by the student as a graduation fee directly to your NCU Church Branch at graduation.

 Tuition costs at NCU are 98% LESS than private universities in the USA and Europe.

Projected Branch Income:

If your NCU Branch enrolls just 2 new students each week, you can realize a net income of $51,960 every 12 Months from your NCU University branch program. Students graduate approximation every 90-days however new students begin every week, so you will have a monthly income stream from your NCU Branch program. 

After 12 Months of Successful Operation, NCU Directors Qualify to Be Recognized with The Title of University Branch President of Your Independent NCU University Branch Operated from a Classroom at Your Own Church At No Cost or Investment.

Having your own Northwestern Christian University Branch allows you to impact your community since you will be able to advertise such in your community which will ultimately result in more members at your church as well as substantially increased income flow for your Church. But, more importantly, you will be making disciples through Christian education and offering degree programs in Ministry/ Divinity, Biblical Studies, Theology, Christian Education and Christian Counseling at a cost that is 98% LESS than private universities..

NCU Accelerated Curriculum:

The curriculum is an accelerated program of study leading to Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in 6 different majors. You will use the same curriculum and assignments as shown on pages of this website.  Just ONE classroom (it can be the sanctuary) is needed for your NCU University Branch. A professional teacher is not required. All that is needed is a student guide, who will present the NCU Course Guides for completing the PLA and thesis or dissertation. All assignments are graded at the NCU Branch and final grades are submitted to NCU headquarters for completion degree programs and awarding of degrees and official student transcripts.

A laptop, overhead projector and screen are useful tools but not necessary to operate your Northwestern Christian University branch.


While 60% of U.S. States allow the freedom of Bible schools to offer education without governmental oversight, some States require Bible schools, Colleges, Universities and Seminaries to have regional or national accreditation. Many feel this to be a violation of the constitution and freedom of religion. Northwestern holds a form of theological accreditation, through standards of accountability, and may not be approved by some States to offer degree programs. *You can still, offer certificates for program completion. *(This practice may be unconstitutional) for the time being, it is wise to be diligent in researching your State requirements regarding establishing an educational branch of Northwestern. 

UPDATE: The Texas  Supreme Court may have set a legal precedent by ruling that Bible Colleges, universities and seminaries are protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution granting the right not to be hindered by the state in regard to Religious educational programs. This ruling will probably be used as a precedent allowing all USA based bible centered education programs to operate without governmental oversight. 

Supreme Court Ruling:  *October 2007 Church & State | AU Bulletin 

Texas’s top court has struck down a law that allowed government regulation of seminaries. HEB Ministries, the Hispanic Bible Institute and the Southern Bible Institute had sued the state, challenging on First Amendment grounds a law barring religious schools from calling themselves seminaries unless they met specific standards.

In late August in HEB Ministries v. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the Texas Supreme Court ruled against a state law setting out standards that religious post-secondary schools must meet in order to refer to themselves as a seminary or use terms such as “degree,” “associate,” “bachelor,” “master” and “doctor.” The court ruled that the law “impermissibly intrudes upon religious freedom protected by the United States and  Constitutions.”


Void where prohibited