NCU Branch Procedure

       Northwestern Christian University Branch Procedure 

         The following list provides the basic system of branch operations:           

Application Process:

NCU branch directors recruit students by holding group meetings or by individual appointments to explain the NCU accelerated degree program opportunity. The branch director than takes the applicant to the NCU website and reviews the site and then assists the applicant in completing the NCU application and submitting it for review at NCU in the United States.

  1. Student applies by submitting an online application to NCU, through the website at:   *All appropriate majors are available as provided on the NCU website application page.
  2. NCU Administration reviews application and accepts or denies based on qualifications for degree programs. For instance a  applicant must first have a bachelor degree to apply for a NCU master’s degree program or a master’s degree to apply for a doctoral program. Applicants can enroll for bachelor degree programs without a high school diploma as long as they are proficient in communication skills.
  3. The NCU acceptance letter is sent by e-mail to the NCU branch director who provides a copy to applicant. This begins a 14-day enrollment period. Application is cancelled if not enrolled by paying the $490 initial enrollment payment to NCU headquarters in Florida, within the 14-day enrollment period.  * A grace period can apply for extenuating circumstance.
  4. NCU headquarters in Florida encourages completion of enrollment during the 14-day enrollment period.  


  1. Students make the initial $490 enrollment donation/ payment to NCU headquarters through the LINK on the donations page of the NCU website at: to complete enrollment. The FULL remaining balance of $490 is payable directly to the NCU branch. The total donation / tuition is just $980.
  2. Students complete student orientation at the NCU branch where the PLA Prior Learning Assessment Guide and the Thesis and Dissertation Guide are reviewed with students by the NCU branch director.
  3. Students begin PLA module with assistance of NCU Branch Director at Branch classroom meetings. All PLA assignments as well as Thesis and Dissertation can be completed at home by the students.
  4. NCU Branch students meet at NCU branch classroom once or twice weekly at a regularly scheduled time to review their coursework with NCU branch director. A group atmosphere allows for advanced students to guide and answer questions for new students about how to complete their course assignments. *Theoretically students can be enrolling and graduating during any week of the year.
  5. The NCU 120 credit hour Bachelor degree requires 90-credits from PLA and 30 credits by Thesis. *Optional PLA can provide an additional 30 credits to Master’s or Doctoral degree programs. However, PLA is an option for Master’s and Doctorate programs and is not mandatory. Students can elect to earn just 30 credits for completion of a Thesis or Dissertation only.
  6. Students qualify to graduate when all course requirements have been fulfilled and the remaining $490 donation / tuition has been paid to the NCU branch.
  7. The normal donation/ tuition as noted on the NCU website application page is:                        $1,990. NCU branch students pay just $980 for a savings of $1,010. 

*See application page at: 

      8. All degrees are awarded from the United States headquarters of Northwestern              Christian University in Florida, USA and are shipped at cost..

*Note:  PLA is allowed for one degree program only and not allowed on more than one successive degree.  Additional degrees will be by thesis or dissertation only.